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United States

Current Residence: Dreamland
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite photographer: me. duh! haha lol.
Favourite style of art: you mean
Operating System: windows XP
MP3 player of choice: my tiiiiny iPod nano
Shell of choice: shell? huh?
Skin of choice: mine.
Favourite cartoon character: winnie the pooh characters, scooby doo
1. You must tag at least 6 people. (Let them know they've been tagged.)
2. No tag backs.
3. Tell the truth.

1. What is your DeviantArt name and what does it mean?
Chesne - the last six letters of my middle name.

2. Why did you join this site?
my friend convinced me to. (speaking of which, thea, remember the shit-ty photo? LOL)

3. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined?
well, the reason i joined was for photography...does that count?

4. How many watchers are currently watching now?

5. Your first gift ever was to?
Everyone i meet and come in contact with, for I am a gift.

6. List five things you are a fan of?
- Trust me and Leverage(TV shows that no one seems to have heard of)
- Black Cat (Manga, I really don't know how i feel about the anime. its soooo different from the manga...)
- iTunes. 'nuff said.
- My camera
- Adobe photoshop

8. List four people you look up to the most on DA?
I'm almost never on DA.

9. How many pets do you own?
well, my family owns a dog (Coco). that's it. the minute i graduate and find somewhere to live, i am adopting a cat. maybe 2.

Where's question number ten? O_o
--No clue. haha lol.
11. What do you prefer, Red or black?
black. even though that sounds kinda emo. i just dont really like red that much.

12. Name 3 aspects of your personality?
(Jenica - i realize now, that all the personality traits you listed were really negative. plums on our backs, rite?) quiet. cute. smart.

13. If you could have a power what would it be?
i have always wanted to fly more than i can say.

14. Who was the last person you talked to?
caelin, my roommate.

15. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?

16. Write the first five things that pop into your head?
- this is random.
- i'm not sure i really like the song that i'm listening to now. its super techno.
- i really should go down to the library and work on my contemporary project.
- 4th personality trait - horrible procrastinator
- bingo in half an hour. i should probably go down soon.

17. What are the things you wish you could do better?
- draw (that is, I wish i could draw)
- i wish i wasn't so indecisive. there is a "i wish i could __ better somewhere in there, but i haven't decided what it is yet.
- i wish i could socialize better. not like a party animal or anything, but I have to make a phone call, and i wish i didn't feel so much anxiety just making a stupid phone call.
- i wish i could breathe better (i'm getting over a horrible cold, and still can't really breathe through my nose, though i keep trying)

18. Do you like who you are?

19. Summer or winter?
winter. i like to wrap myself in blankets, but i can only do that when its cold.

20. Rain or sun?

21. List 2 odd things about yourself?
- i would lose my arm if it wasn't attached to my body, but i haven't managed to lose my cellphone or my ipod nano (which is tiny), thank God.
- i'm addicted to a few bands/artists who sing in languages I can't understand, but not all artists who sing in foreign languages. just a couple. and i actually think i wouldn't like the artists that im so addicted to because i can't understand them.

22. Pop or Hip hop?
pop. i actually like most pop. i downright hate hip hop. yuck.

23. How many scars do you have?
one on one of my knuckles from when a chipmunk bit me, and anothe between my thumb and forefinger from when i cut myself (accidentally) with a swiss army knife.

24. Do you wear spiked wristbands, Collars & belts?
belts. they hold my pants up.

25. Do you own anything from Hot Topic?
a couple of bracelets, and 2 matching pairs of shoelaces.

25. Windows or Mac?
well, could i mix the two? windows has great hardware (well, dell comps do, mostly), but macs have great software. i have a windows, but i want a mac.

26. Nyc Trpp or Lip Service?
what is that?

28. Steak or Chicken?
either. it doesnt matter.

29. Favorite Color(s)?

30. Anime or Manga?

31. Beer or wine?

32. Goth or Emo?

33. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
that i actually wear? 3, not including my 4 pairs of flip flops. i have more that i never wear

34. What is the most amount alcohol you ever drank in one day?
no clue. its never been much though. once i had...most of a smirnoff.
35. Cold or Hot?
i would much rather be cold than hot.

36. Favorite pair of pants?
either of my jeans from Old Navy

37. Do you like your user name?

38. Have you tried any drugs?
well, i tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes got in the way. lol, love that.

39. If you have? what drugs?
stupid question. i just kinda answered it....

40. Do you have a myspace/Facebook page?
yes. facebook. and a myspace account that i never check.

41. Pizza or Kebabs?

42. Are you are nice person?
well...i like to make fun of people. so no. but its all in fun, and i dont mean any of it. so yes. does that help?

43. How old are you?
almost 20

44. Spikes, studs or eyelets?

45. Do you like your music loud?

46. Kind hearted?
i suppose...didnt i just answer that?

47. Holden or Ford?

48. Annoying?
am i annoying? sometimes i suppose...

49. Do you like PLZ accounts?
no idea what that is

50. Do you own a car or motor bike?
neither, but im working on the car thing

51. Do you like The Presets?
no idea. never heard of them

52. Do you keep secrets?
most of the time.

53. Should they release criminals from jail if they have killed someone?

54. Are you a liar?
are u stupid?

55. Have you tried to kill yourself before?

56. Do you like your avatar?

57. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
wow, getting kinda dark and deep and morbid, aren't we?

58. KFC, Subway, McDonalds, Red Lobster or Burger King?
anything but red lobster...yuck

59. Do you love yourself?
not really

60. Do you cut yourself?
emo grass cuts itself....

61. Do you get depressed?
wow, dude, you have problems.

62. Do you have many friends in real life?
as opposed to my imaginary life?

63. Hardcore or Darkcore?

64. Should stalkers get a second chance?
after therapy

65. Imports or muscle cars?
just as long as it runs, i dont care

66. Gay, Bi or Straight?
well, im straight.

67. Do you get enough money each week?
i guess

68. Fast or slow music?
fast for the most part

69. Do you like that number?
what number?

70. Do you use XD and LOL a lot?
lol: yes. all the time. there have actually been a couple of really sad times when i've almost said LOL. out loud. in a conversation. i certainly thought it. XD: no. never.

71. Should police mind their own business?
is that an issue the philippines?

72. Do you have a girlfriend?
like i said, straight.

73. If so. Who?
YOU, biatch.

74. What is your Favorite band(s)?
remember the whole artists i cant understand thingy? well, juanes, belanova (latino artists), marie-mai (french), and a whole list of other ppl. those are the ppl im obssesd with right now.
75. Baggy or tight pants?

76. How many T.Vs in your house?
well, in my dorm, one. in my house in virginia (where my family lives), three, not including the one that's not hooked up to anything (even an electric outlet).

77. How many computers/Laptops in your house?
again, in my dorm room, 2 - mine and my roommate's. then, my family has 4 not including mine.

78. LCD or Plasma?
are we talking about the tvs or the computers? and i dont even know what the diff is.

79. Are you racist?
"Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes" – Avenue Q -- haha, I AGREE!!! lol, i remember that....

80. What time is it now?
9:26 pm

81. Should subbys be free?

82. Are you a slow, Medium or a fast typer?
medium, but slower now that my left shift key fell off...

83. Do you like quizzes?

84. Do you buy stuff from those cheap Chinese shops?

85. Do you own any weapons?
i have a pair of scissors

86. If so. What?
last question. and jenica, do you really own a slingshot?

87. How many speakers do you own?
what do u mean by speakers?

88. Have you ever been stalked or followed?

89. Do you own a pair of boots?
well, they broke.

90. What is the best thing in the world to you?

91. What is your favorite Emoticon(s)?
the eye-rolling one

92. Do you like pie?

93. Have you ever stayed up longer than 24 Hours?

94. Do you have any big brand name clothing?

95. If so, what brands?

96. Can you handle the sound of loud cars or motorbikes?
i guess

97. Do you like kids?
as long as they're not mine.

98. Sonic The Hedgehog Or Miles Tails Prower?

99. Eminem or 50 Cent?
neither. i hate rap.

100. Money or love?
love, i guess.

101. Are you random?

102. Can you sleep thru loud music?
can anyone?

103. Do you like where you live?

104. Taxi or bus?

105. What time is it now?
9:34 pm (u know that would make so much more sense if they had asked wha time it was when we first started....)

106. What do you feel like doing at the moment?
listening to music.

107. Do you go on YouTube alot?
every once in a while

108. Are you are member of any other site besides this one?
im a member of a lotta things. be more specific.

109. If so, what ones?
facebook's the only one i check regularly.

110. Are you glad this quiz is finished?
sorta. that was LOOOONG
  • Listening to: Adele
  • Reading: Dubliners
  • Watching: Trust Me
  • Drinking: water


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